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* "2 weeks taking SBF Bee Pollen and I've lost 8 lbs"  Rich, Sciota PA 

"I have decided to try TOTAL BEE GT.  I am on my second container my hot flashes have stopped & the water retention in my legs has lessened". Nadine from West Virginia

*  SBF Bee Pollen "I definitely like the suppressed appetite control,  feeling fuller quickly and longer.  It doesn't make you not eat which I found important.  Also has the energy boost too I like". Jaimie, Mount Joy PA

* "I take 2 capsules of WHOLE GRAIN BEE POLLEN every day and I know that's why my cholesterol lowered. It went from 208 to 172 n 9 months!" Laura, Owner of Bee Pollen By Laura, LLC

* I've lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks taking SBF Bee Pollen!

*"I lost 12 lbs taking the Cleanse for 2 weeks at a time with a 2 week break in between".  Tammy, Effort PA 

* Total Bee GT and Accelerator Boost work great together!!

* SBF Bee Pollen  "I love my bee pollen and have lost 8 lbs. so far". Deanna, Pt. Pleasant WV

* "I love the Simply Skinny.  I started it on March 10 and I have lost 7 lbs already. I'm only taking 1 pill a day 20 minutes before breakfast."