What customers are saying...
*  Bob said "I've gone from 210 lbs to 194 lbs since starting PRIME".  Update: Bob has lost 25 pounds      (Nov. 2015)

 * "I have decided to try TOTAL BEE GT, I am on my second container my hot flashes have stopped & the water retention in my legs has lessened".  Nadine, from West Virginia

* "I took PLUM SKINNY for 1 month and lost 15lbs along with having more energy".                

* "So far I am very happy with PRIME. It controls my appetite, I am snacking much less, and I do notice an increase in energy. I take mine late morning as it helps me eliminate the snacking after dinner which is one of my problems." 
Dawn, Saylorsburg, PA

* Pam from Hamburg, PA is down 3 sizes from taking PLUM SKINNY!

* "I take 2 capsules of WHOLE GRAIN BEE POLLEN every day and I know that's why my cholesterol lowered. It went from 208 to 172 n 9 months!" Laura, Owner of Bee Pollen By Laura, LLC

* PRIME "Love this product!!!! I lost 12 lb in one month. Couldn't be happier" Cristiane, Scranton PA.

* Shannon from Pasadena, MD about PRIME "I highly recommend this supplement to    anyone who is trying to increase energy and take off some weight".

* "I recently purchased the PLUM SKINNY & GARCINIA CAMBOGIA COMBO. It has been about 27 days and I have lost about 5 lbs! I notice that I am eating much less because I do not feel hungry and I have been in a better mood! I feel as if I am also losing inches as well, however haven't actually measured at this time! So far so good and I will continue to purchase the combo on my way to becoming a healthier me!" Chelsea, Kunkletownn PA

* "I love my prime! I love the energy it gives me. it doesn't make me feel jittery or anything. Also helps a lot with late night snacking and not eating a lot when I do eat. Will totally buy more". Julie from Ohio

* "I have lost 17 lbs and several inches taking La'Trim Plus - my cravings for sugars and sweets have gone away. I get a better nights sleep and am up when my alarm goes off without hitting the snooze!" Laura, Owner Bee Pollen By Laura

*  Individual results may vary