"Just a note to give a testimonial for the Simply Skinny Gold supplement. Teddy and I have been using it with fantastic results! I have seen a weight loss of around 25 lbs and Teddy has seen a loss of about 15 lbs since we started using it. We would highly recommend it!" Marv n Ted Stroudsburg, PA

"I'm down 17 lbs!!!! I just ran out of the skinny pills. What do u 
recommend for me to keeping maintaining? I would still like to lose at least 5 more" 12/28/16 Amy from Ohio is taking Simply Skinny ELITE.

* Marissa says she's lost 5.5 lbs when taking Simply Skinny ELITE for only 4 days!!!!  UPDATE 1/1/17 "Just checking in again on my bottle of Simply Skinny. I'm proud to say since I ordered the bottle from you, I'm down 23lbs and went from a 16 to a 14 (and they are feeling loose!) I'm looking to take advantage of your New Year's sale ..."UPDATE 3/23/17 Marisa has lost a total of 36 pounds !!!! She is still taking Elite and plans to lose 20 more pounds. UPDATE 5-24-17 LOST 43 POUNDS

* Rich lost 26 lbs so far with Simply Skinny Pollen!! Now taking LUXE and losing a pound a day!

*Holy cow! I took two of the Platinum this morning and I'm sweating at work, and super energized/borderline jittery. Lol, maybe I'll split the dose next time but I don't mind the shakey feeling. I've taken Asset products, Prime, Oasis/La Trim, and Simply Skinny...the Platinum make me feel 100 times better than the other lines.  Taylor from Tucson, AZ
* "So I usually never write reviews but this Simply Skinny Pollen has really been working for me. I've been taking 2 pills every morning for about 3 weeks and I have lost about 12 pounds. I am never hungry, however I did change my eating habits when I
 do eat.  I drink a ton of water during the day".  Larren W.  Bardstown, KY

 Platinum - "I love, love, love this product!  Have lost weight, have increased energy and it significantly decreases my appetite.  I would like to order more." Nicole

  * Simply Skinny Elite "I love it ......I noticed a break through on that plateau. I would like to buy a bottle".  Amy, Stroudsburg PA 

* Simply Skinny Elite "I've lost 6 lbs since Monday and I feel great!! I'm really happy with it so far! Tons of energy " 

 Simply Skinny Elite "I tried the trial of Simply Skinny and liked it! I would like to order a whole bottle please..it definitely suppressed my appetite. Also, gave me more energy. Being a full time student and also working full time gets the best of me but this helps. Esp
ecially in the mornings". Sharise, Cambridge OH