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Tips to Know for Best Results
1  Always read product label for directions.  
2  For weight loss supplements some customers find that they work best when taken on empty stomach with glass of water, wait 45 minutes, then eat something high in protein. 
3  At a minimum drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.
4  Always begin a new supplement with 1 capsule on your first few days taking it. Then, according to product label, increase number of capsules.
5  Some customers report taking 1 capsule in a.m. and 1 capsule mid day works best for them.  
6  Everyone's body chemistry is different.  You may need to experiment to see what time of day and how may capsules works for you, your body and your schedule.  Never exceed recommended daily dosage.  If one product doesn't work, try another one. Contact us to help you decide what might work for your situation.

Do your products contain caffeine?
Read product label for ingredients. Some products contain Green Tea, which contains natural caffeine. Too much caffeine is known to cause dehydration. It is not recommended to consume caffeine while taking these supplements. If you choose to, then for each caffeine consumption you should drink an extra glass of water. The more caffeine the more water you need to drink.

How much water do I have to drink daily?
While taking weight loss supplements we suggest that you drink 8-10 8oz. glasses of water daily OR divide your body weight in half and try to drink that many ounces of water daily.

Will products on your website keep me from sleeping?
It is recommended to follow exact directions on each product to prevent sleeplessness during nighttime hours. Some products may keep you from sleeping when you begin taking them until your body gets used to them. You may want to take them extra early in the day to help prevent this.

Can I take your products while taking other medications?
We advise that you speak with your health care professional before taking any supplement to avoid possible conflicts with your medication or your health. Read warnings on all product labels before trying.

Are your bee products heat processed?
Our Total Bee GT,  Whole Grain Bee Pollen and Raw Pollen Jars are not heat processed.  Heat processing kills the nutrients and enzymes which would make the supplements less potent and therefore, less effective. We freeze-dry our products, which is a way to remove the water from them without using heat. This allows our products to be raw with live nutrients and enzymes that our bodies need to sustain and support our life.

I am not losing weight. Why? 
1- Are you drinking water throughout the day (at least 8-10 8oz glasses) It is very important to drink water throughout the day AND to eat several small meals as well.
2- Are you being consistent?  You must take the supplements every day,  Even if you think you are not losing weight keep taking them. Eventually you should notice your clothes fitting looser.  Almost all of our products are made in the USA, therefore, depending on how much fat you need to lose they may take longer for you to notice significant weight loss than other products on the market. Just keep taking them and drink water. 
3- Don't worry about the number on the scale. Go by how you feel, how your clothing is fitting and if your appetite is suppressed.  If for some reason you are hungrier, try a different product.  What works for one person might not work for another.

How can you reassure me that there aren’t any undisclosed ingredients in these products?
Products made in the USA or manufactured in the USA are under the direct scrutiny of the Food and Drug Administration. They are manufactured in licensed facilities and are subject to periodic inspections. The first things asked for during the inspections are lists of all products manufactured and sold. With this list is attached an individual Certificate of Analysis for every product’s raw ingredients. With the Certificate of Analysis is attached two independent lab reports. The first report is an analysis of each of the raw materials. The second report is made after blending and after encapsulation, it confirms that what’s in the capsule matches what is on the label. Any company not in compliance risks having their operation suspended and products/materials seized by the FDA.   Unfortunately, products made or manufactured in China are not held to the above standards.  Please read our Disclaimer/Precautionary Statement for more information.

Where are your bee products harvested?
Our Raw Bee Pollen 4.5 oz jars are from the Cherry Valley in Pennsylvania - local to our location in Sciota, PA. Our 8 oz. Raw Bee Pollen jars are from New Jersey about an hour from our Pennsylvania location.  Our capsules of Whole Grain Bee Pollen and Total Bee GT are harvested from around the United States to help everyone from any U.S. location fight allergies. 

How long do I need to take these products before I will begin to feel different?
Regarding our Whole Grain Bee Pollen capsules and Total Bee GT, it varies from person to person. There are some people who take the products and claim they feel no different. That’s always the case with any product, but is rarely the case with our products. Then there are some who feel the energy from the royal jelly and bee pollen within minutes. Some people take the products before training and they swear by the extra energy it provides. Some claim to have not gotten a cold since taking these products. Then some people stop taking the products because they didn’t feel any benefit, but after stopping them they begin to feel like they did before starting them and realize there IS a difference.
Everyone is different. Different sizes, ages and gender. This all plays a part as to how quickly we feel the benefits and what benefits we will feel. It takes time for some to also find out which dosage is best for them.

Why are your Bee products more expensive than Wal-Mart, Walgreens and other stores?
Many companies use inexpensive, imported raw ingredients with powders which are cut with large quantities of fillers and excipients. Our manufacturer uses only the finest grade ingredients when creating our products, all fully tested under FDA compliance. Products like our royal jelly powder (found in our Total Bee GT) are carefully selected to be of the highest potency (minimum 6% 10-HDA) and our wholegrain bee pollens are pure and fresh. Our propolis extract is made using the best proprietary extraction techniques available, ensuring a high bio flavonoid content and high bioavailability. Simply put, we offer only premium quality products that work!

I am allergic to bees – should I take these bee products?
When someone is allergic to bee stings, they are allergic to bee venom.  Bee Pollen is produced by flowers and flowering fruit trees, collected by bees who mix the pollen with nectar and enzymes from their saliva to form a granule, called "Bee Pollen".    Therefore, there isn't be any bee venom in the pollen.  But, for safety measures, it is written on the label that if you have bee allergies not to take bee pollen. 

What is recommended from the manufacturer of our bee pollen is to open a capsule, place a granule or two on the tongue and see if you have a reaction.  Be prepared though in case you do have a reaction.  Look for signs of the supplement not agreeing with you like itchy rash, hives or stomach cramps. Most importantly, consult a doctor before taking bee product supplements if you are allergic to bee stings.

Another thing to remember when taking bee pollen for the first time is to gradually introduce it to your body. You can open a capsule and pour half the contents into a cool drink or sprinkle it on yogurt, ice cream etc...  (anything cool is good to take it with, not something hot.  Heat kills the live enzymes in the bee pollen which takes away its nutrition.)  Do this for a few days then take a full capsule for a few days etc..

Where are the products you offer manufactured?
Most of our products are manufactured in the United States.  Each product description states where it is made.